Exciting Programmatic User Acquisition & Re-engagement

Rich Media Playable Ads at Scale

Our Advantage

Design Driven

Creative is key for every successful campaign and mostly overlooked by advertisers which results in expensive media buying. Playdigo makes the creative a corner stone of the operation

AI Supported Optimization

Our experience as ad tech veterans allows us to optimize campaigns to meet and exceed you expectations, but the mundane part that could be automated, we leave to AI

Fraud Free

With rising concerns of fraud in the mobile ecosystem, our first priority is to make sure our clients will never pay for fraudulent activity by utilizing the most sophisticated tools available

Programmatic User Aquisition

Reaching users through programmatic real time bidding anywhere in the world. Whoever you looking for, we will get them


Your KPIs are our first priority. Driving installs is easy, but not always effective. We will provide you with the most engaged users for your app, by focusing on post install events

Creative Capabilities

We design the most captivating and engaging  playable ads. Users are tired of static banners, and we are set to change that

'' We guarantee only the best marketing experience for your company and your audience "

Why Playdigo?


Access unique mobile devices


Increase CTR vs regular creatives


Increase CR vs regular creatives


Increase users retention

Our Solution

We will design, create and execute your campaign with full transparency and nothing short of amazing customer service and results. Whether you are a mobile gaming company or big retail brand, we will tailor the appropriate solution for you to achieve your goals

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If you have any questions for us or ready to start your interactive campaign,  just fill out the details below and we will contact you shortly!